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Genesis of the organisation

All India Security Council (AISC) was established on 23rdSeptemberr, 2008 Under The Jammu and Kashmir Societies Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) vide Reg. No. 5704-S at Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir. AISC was a result of long discussion and debate when a small group of professionals such as teachers , advocates, doctors and social activists united to work for the development of the downtrodden sections of society especially the women and children to promote integrated and self sustaining village society  by uplifting the depress , exploited and the down trodden section of the society viz. children , women , old- aged people : put an end to illiteracy make them diseases free

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Our Values

Core Value of The organsation :
Participation which leads to empowerment.
Education of children especially the under privileged and marginalized.
Women’s and children especially the girls are the center of all development initiatives.
Maintain transparencies and accountability in allprogrammes.
Efficient and effective work by all the staff , which would achieve professional standards of performance.
Developing a very clear understanding of all the projects, roles and responsibilities is an important prerequisite.
Team work and commitment of any job assigned.
Completing the job assigned well within the speculated time period.
Regularly upgrading the skills and knowledge and strive for excellence.
Always be honest to self and others.