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Old Age Homes

All India Security Council Ngo/Vo AISC Kashmir Based ngo we want to raise funds for old age homes be a part of council contribute now.

Homes for of aged and neglected persons shall be constructed at
different places so that neglected persons like deaf, dum, old age persons can
live in peacefully without any threat or suppression.The poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons are often deprived of proper care, tender love and participation in social events,spiritual activities. Therefore, these Old aged persons will be given facilities of nursing, recreation and socialization, so that they may be released from mental depression.After establishment of an Old Aged Home fulfilling all the above needs, sustainability of the home will still be a major concern. Therefore, profitable resource generating programs will be conducted side by side for sustainable operation of the home.

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Establishment of Entrepreneurship Development Programme Centers


All India Security Council is a non-profit voluntary organization which works for the development of poor and deprived communities and also to generate livelihood opportunities for them. This project is a step forward in this direction. The organization proposes to initiate a project on establishing an Entrepreneurship Development Center in the target area. It will provide entrepreneurship development training in skills like Tailoring, stitching, embroidery, handicraft and basic computer, electronic data processing and basic hardware to the poor people in target area.
Seven Entrepreneurship Development Centers would be established where training in Tailoring, stitching, embroidery & Handicrafts, basic computer, electronic data processing & basic hardware and on EDP would be provided.
These Centers are divided into two trade’s i.e.
Training in Tailoring, stitching, embroidery & Handicrafts & EDP with 120 beneficiaries ? Training in basic computer, electronic data processing & basic hardware & EDP with 120 beneficiaries.
All 7 centers would run simultaneously where each training program will be for a period of 1 month. Every month new group of 20 beneficiaries will be added and will rotate in all the three skills centers and in 4th month will enter into one month EDP Course. All the beneficiaries will get 5 hours training per day of in these skills on rotational basis.

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Urgent Appeal

Our Values

Core Value of The organsation :
Participation which leads to empowerment.
Education of children especially the under privileged and marginalized.
Women’s and children especially the girls are the center of all development initiatives.
Maintain transparencies and accountability in allprogrammes.
Efficient and effective work by all the staff , which would achieve professional standards of performance.
Developing a very clear understanding of all the projects, roles and responsibilities is an important prerequisite.
Team work and commitment of any job assigned.
Completing the job assigned well within the speculated time period.
Regularly upgrading the skills and knowledge and strive for excellence.
Always be honest to self and others.