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Introduction of organisation

In the first instance, the founder/chairman wants to tell the people, why the organization has been named under the name and style of “All India Security Council”. It is because a volunteer/Non-Governmental organization is meant for the help, protection and upliftment of a common person in every field irrespective of Caste, colour, creed or sex. This organization is not a belt force of a state or a centre Government; it ensures the security of a common person. This council is a National Level Volunteer organization which ensures security to all people living in this state or country.

AISC is a non-political/Non-Govt. organization that attempts to promote sustainable development of poor and needy people through socio-economic intervention. To achieve its goal AISC attempts to integrate its disciplines like education, medical aids, rehabilitation, old age homes, art and craft, child labour, social evils etc. It is hoped that the general public will help the council at all levelsn to make it a success.

Our logo stands for

a) Crossed Sword : The crossed swords stands for defense of the Nation.

b) Star : It indicates progress through hard work.

c) Chinar Tree : Indication as symbol of the country.

d) Balance : It indicates justice as right to equality to everycitizen of the country.

Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) Project status

Unique rehabilitation step by AISC NGO in collaboration with NABARD ,J&K Grameen bank and J&K bank Through AISC 171 Joint liability groups got the financial assistance of Rs 3‚27‚75000 by with 171 groups and 684 individuals got lively hood sources.

To Bring Educational Reform At Route Level

a) To make education mandatory up secondary level.
b) To promote free education to all irrespective of caste, creed, colour or sex upto secondary level.
c) To promote modern and latest education so that the interest of the student is observed in order to impart education in the interest line/field.
d) Ban of heavy donatins and tuition fee.
e) To set-up job oriented courses at school and college level so that astudent after completing his degree can earn through these joboriented schemes.
f) To construct quality schools and colleges where education facilities arenot available.
g) To construct crutches and day care centres for small children so that achild can grow up with good discipline and ideology.

Drug De-addiction Centre

During addiction is badly spoiling our young generation as it has become a common malady in the country. Life has become very fast. The modern age is the age of fever and fret, hurry and worry and tension. People are busy in rat race for making money more and more. Drugs bring suitable money for drug sellers and smugglers. The council will establish, drug De addiction centres at various places with the aim to;
a ) People are given education regarding adverse effects of drug-addiction.
b) To educate people that drug makes a person lazy and inactive.
c) To work for ban on selling of drugs.
d) To conduct awareness camps by seminars, debates regarding bad effects
of drug addiction.
e) To carry out intensive propaganda against menace of drugs, through media and other services.
f) To help the govt. to take stringent action against those violate law and involve young generation in drug addiction.

Mother and Child Care

AISC NGO Baramulla INDIA is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that strongly believes in an equal opportunity for all and in preserving the cultures, traditions and beliefs of the marginalized communities it works in. 

The AISC NGO , is a not-for profit organization. Registered under the Registrar of Societies Act VI of 1998(1941 A.D), dedicated to working hand in hand with people Jammu & Kashmir. Council goals are to provide basic educational support, technical educational support, healthcare access, economic opportunity and hope, to enable personal success and community achievement. With belief that working together as long-term partners in solidarity will result in sustainable and successful initiatives that relieve the effects of poverty encourage personal growth, and overcome injustice.

Education and Public Relations (PR) campaigns will be used to explain the program to local people to gain their support and assistance. This can be done in a number of ways, including posters, street plays and public announcements. Alongside announcement can be made each month prior to health camp from Madrsa and Mosques through public mike announcement, to make community about aware health issues and services rendered at health camp.

Service Delivery phase:

 Health care cum counseling camps: Target specific health cum counseling camps will be organized within each village every month to provide curative, promotive and preventive care. There will a total of 63 health camps (1 camp per village for 9 months) will be organized in Zaingeer region. Prior announcements to the camps will be made at schools, madrsaa, mosques  to ensure entire community participation. These awareness camps will be organized in centralized place, easy for all the community people to access. The health cum counseling camp will comprise


If you have an idea that you would like to share with us, or if you wish to collaborate with us for volunteering, fundraising and other activities, you can reach us in the following ways:

Write us at : 

Make A Difference

When we conduct such activities and events, you can spread our message in your own way. You could write about your experience while volunteering with us and promote our cause. After all, the smallest efforts can bring the biggest smiles. Or Simlpy DONATE

Involve Your Friends

Creating a bright future for thousands of vulnerable children is not a solo effort. We cannot do it alone, so why try? When people come together around a common goal, the synergy is palpable. And, it is more fun.

You make a difference. Together, we change the world.

FCRA Registered

AISC NGO is registered under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 and has a valid FCRA license granted by the Ministry of Home Affairs Govt of India, and thus can accept donations in any currency through non-Indians.

Specialization of the Organization

Having skill in Research, Study, Advocacy, Training and Implementation.
Having Skilled/ Professional HR.
Having policies for better performance.
Having external bodies.
Having Grievance Redressal Cell.
Our Organistion believes in transparency at every level of work.

Organization's strength/ capacity to implement the projects

Presence of skilled and  experienced  human  resources:  The organization has seven full time (5 male & 2 female workers) and 35 part time (28 male & 07 female) workers. In addition to this there are about 1500 volunteers who actively participate in all the programs of the organization. The chief functionary of the organization Mr. Nazir Ahmad Khan is an experienced social activist.

Genesis of the organisation

All India Security Council (AISC) was established on 23rdSeptemberr, 2008 Under The Jammu and Kashmir Societies Registration Act VI of 1998 (1941 A.D.) vide Reg. No. 5704-S at Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir. AISC was a result of long discussion and debate when a small group of professionals such as teachers , advocates, doctors and social activists united to work for the development of the downtrodden sections of society especially the women and children to promote integrated and self sustaining village society  by uplifting the depress , exploited and the down trodden section of the society viz. children , women , old- aged people : put an end to illiteracy make them diseases free

Past experience , nature of intervention and key achievements

AISC has over 10 years experience  in Rehabilitation, Micro Planning ,Micro finance , Project Management, Capacity Building Networking, Program Planning, Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects . Besides the NGO has experience in NYKS, Organizing free Medical camps.establishment of cutting & tailoring/sozni centers in different places, expert in awareness  generation  programs  & Field experience in Joint liability Groups JLGS/SHGs. Chairman AISC Mr Nazir Ahmad Khan Received State level micro finance award by NABARD.

Latest Updates

Success Stories

Old Age Homes

Homes for of aged and neglected persons shall be constructed at
different places so that neglected persons like deaf, dum, old age persons can
live in peacefully without any threat or suppression.The poor helpless and destitute Old Aged persons are often deprived of proper care, tender love and participation in social events,spiritual activities. Therefore, these Old aged persons will be given facilities of nursing, recreation and socialization, so that they may be released from mental depression.After establishment of an Old Aged Home fulfilling all the above needs, sustainability of the home will still be a major concern. Therefore, profitable resource generating programs will be conducted side by side for sustainable operation of the home.

General Development

To work for general development especially in backward, far-flung, remote and neglected areas/villages.

Villages are the back-bone of a nation. They produce the food upon which we all live. The produce the food upon which we all live govt. has provided full facilities to certain villages but still there are a number of villages which need due attention. The council will work for their general development as under:-
a) Construction of roads.
b) Drinking water facility.
c) Construction of schools.
d) Opening of health centres.
e) Construction of mini stadium for providing facilities in different sports activities (indoor and outdoor).
f) Construction of mini hydroelectric power projects.
g) Providing of latest technologies like agriculture tools/machinery to the villager.
h) To promote hockey, cricket, football, volley ball at primary level in the schools.

AISC NGO Envision

AISC envision "creating a society where basic needs of individual like food, shelter, health, education, and entertainment are addressed irrespectively of cast, creed , religion ,gender and language: where justice equality, liberty, security and human rights are assured: where cooperative culture is a way of life " The organization’s mission is to built society through community empowerment for sustainable development and protection of rights.The organization is working with the following communities : especially socially excluded group landless labourers, small and marginal framers, dwelling communities women and children.

Right To

Right to Diginity: Right to Livelihood: Right to Education and Right to Health.

Our strength

Lead by professionals, Better management linkages with CBO’s leaders , well trained and qualified staff having leadership quality and good relationship with all stakes holders, good networking  with other likeminded right based organization, deep relationship with communities, progressive thought courages manpower dedicate sincere hardworking highly motivated good liasoning capacity high credibility.

Be a Part of Change

We earnestly appeal to individuals, trusts, corporate and funding agencies to donate generously to help us achieve our goal.

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Our Values

Core Value of The organsation :
Participation which leads to empowerment.
Education of children especially the under privileged and marginalized.
Women’s and children especially the girls are the center of all development initiatives.
Maintain transparencies and accountability in allprogrammes.
Efficient and effective work by all the staff , which would achieve professional standards of performance.
Developing a very clear understanding of all the projects, roles and responsibilities is an important prerequisite.
Team work and commitment of any job assigned.
Completing the job assigned well within the speculated time period.
Regularly upgrading the skills and knowledge and strive for excellence.
Always be honest to self and others.